Sexual Assault

Sexual crimes are among the most devastating of all crimes. Through their criminal acts, sex crime offenders can inflict severe physical, emotional, and psychological trauma on their victims and the effects can be long-lasting with a slow healing process.


The Cache County Attorney’s Office understands this and vigorously seeks justice for victims of sexual assault. The Cache County Attorney’s Office has an experienced, specially trained attorney dedicated primarily to the prosecution of sex crimes, such as rape, sexual assault and forcible sexual abuse; that means our sexual assault case are vertically prosecuted – the attorney, who understands the psychological impact of sexual crimes, handles the case from beginning to end. In the midst of their ordeal, therefore, victims need to deal with only one attorney and one victim advocate throughout the criminal justice process.


Because many sexual perpetrators are repeat offenders, it is critical that victims report sexual assaults to their local law enforcement agency. By reporting crimes, victims help bring an attacker to justice and prevent further offenses.  Reporting a crime and cooperating with the police also makes victims eligible for free counseling and for other compensation from the state’s Crime Victim Reparations Fund for victims of violent crime..