Trails News Story

Trails News Story

Sep 12, 2017

Cache County Trails and Active Transportation Master Plan (draft)

Thanks to all of you who contributed to this plan at farmer's markets, car shows, and health days.  Thanks to the BPAC and Trails Committee for their directed input, and thanks to all the communities of Cache Valley who had already built trails and active transportation plans that just needed some polish and assembly into a more cogent whole.  If you're interested in our trails and AT plan currently under consideration by Cache County Planning Commission, you can link to a downloadable PDF by clicking on the image below. 




Please note that this document is still a draft document, and if you see any glaring ommissions, or find any typos, we're happy to hear from you. (see the contact form in the menu bar above...)

From here, we're hoping to get the document adopted as a county trails plan, which will set the stage for aquiring funding that is required to make any of these projects happen.