RX drug drop off Location's

Storing leftover or unused prescriptions open the door for misuse and abuse.  These medications can also be harmfult to the enviorment if not disposed of properly.  The drop boxes are meant to serve as a safe and public area where old, unused medication of all kinds my be disposed of in a way that will both keep old drugs from impacting our enviorment as well as reduce the chance for old medications to fall into the wrong hands.

The Cache County Sheriffs Office has four locations for residents to drop off and dispose of unused prescription medications.

Cache County Sheriffs Office lobby. 1225 West Valley View, Logan 

Hyrum City Office.  60 West Main, Hyrum

Richmond City Office. 90 South 100 West, Richmond

Providence City Office. 164 Gateway Dr, Providence

Other Locations include.  Logan City Police Dept, Smithfield City Police Dept, North Park Police Dept and Hyde Park City Office.