Requirements for Used Sandbag Disposal

Sand or sandbags that have come into contact with only precipitation, but not floodwater, are normally considered to be not contaminated and can be reused without restriction. Potential reuses include flower beds, snow and ice control, or as base for paving blocks.

Sand or sandbags that have been in contact with flood water should not be reused in ways that would involve direct human contact, such as sand boxes, gardens or playgrounds.

Waste disposal after a flood needs to be communicated and addressed to ensure proper handling. By blocking the water flow, both the bag and the sand can become contaminated with sewage, pathogens, and chemicals from the floodwater.

DO NOT dump sandbags in creeks, rivers, canals, ditches, roadway gutters, or storm drain inlets.

Due to the degradation of the sandbag material in the sun, it is imperative that sandbags are not sitting out for an extended period of time. If there is not an active flood threat, the sandbags need to be removed and properly disposed of, or if not contaminated, stored for future use. In addition, they cannot block floodways and floodplains since this could lead to further flooding complications.

Check with your local waste management agencies for possible disposal sites. Logan City Landfill

Purchasing Sandbags

SandbagsIf you are anticipating any flooding, but have not had a history of it, you need to purchase your sandbags from one of the following local retailers:

  • Ag Supply Stores
  • Home Improvement Stores
  • Walmart
  • Smithfield Implement
  • Stock Building Supply
  • Tractor Supply Co.
  • Uline
  • Granger

 Purchasing Sand

If you are in need of sand, you can purchase it from one of the following local retailers:

  • LeGrand Johnson Contruction Co.
  • Staker/Parsons Companies
  • Geneva Rock
  • Other Landscape Product Companies

 How to Sandbag

 Sandbag Filling Sites For Households in Unincorporated Areas of the County

  • OPEN - Cache County Sheriff’s Office -  1225 west 200 north, Logan Utah 84321
  • OPEN – Cache County Public Works/Fire Campus 1020 East 600 North Hyrum Utah 84319
  • OPEN – Richmond  – 161 west Highway 142 Richmond Utah 

Who to contact?

If you are currently experiencing flooding, please follow the directions below:

Interested in Volunteering?

The Cache County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Management is creating a list of individuals, families, businesses, and/or organizations interested in volunteering to assist in flooding response and recovery efforts. You can register for our project on Just Serve. Volunteering for this project will place you on a list of volunteers that can be called up as needs arise. Thank you in advance for your help!