Courts Unit

The Cache County Sheriff’s Office provides security to the courts of the First Judicial District. The First Judicial District includes Municipal Justice Courts and District State Courts, both juvenile and general jurisdiction. The Sheriff’s Office provides general security and bailiffs as needed for the Justice Courts. The security service provided to the District Court includes the entire court complex, which is located at approximately First North and First West in Logan and houses Juvenile Court, Juvenile Probation, District Court, and the Guardian Ad Litem's Office. The security is provided by both full and part-time deputies. Their services require specialties in, but are not limited to, bailiff and security services including use of camera and computerized alarm systems, weapons detection, magnetometer (metal detection), both handheld and stationary, intelligence gathering, arrests and processing of court commitments, and in providing general safety and security to the court staff and patrons against those who either violate the law or pose a threat.

Deputies serving within the courtroom either as bailiffs or as additional security must have a good working knowledge of legal proceedings and training in working with inmates, witnesses, juries, evidence handling, crowd control, and maintaining the integrity of the court. The presence of uniformed deputies in the court provides a safe and secure environment and cultivates a working relationship with judges, court staff, attorneys, and citizens who patronize the courts.

First District Court

First District Court

Cache County has several Justice Courts within its jurisdiction. The Cache County Sheriff's Office provides a Bailiff for the Hyrum Justice Court each Tuesday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm and for small claims or other hearings as needed. In addition, we handle Bailiff Duties for the Nibley Justice Court on Mondays from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm or as required for small claims and other hearings.

Wellsville, Providence, Newton, Clarkston, Lewiston, and Richmond are provided Bailiff and Security Services as needed.

North Logan, Hyde Park, and Smithfield City Justice Court’s Bailiff and Security needs are handled by their respective police agencies.

Security and Bailiff for the Logan Municipal Court are provided by the Logan City Police Department. For information about the Logan Municipal Court please call (435)716-9540 or see their web site.

  • Weapons or potential weapons of any kind (Guns, knives. screwdrivers, scissors, etc.)
  • Any kind of powder (baby powder or formula)
  • Food or drink
  • Large belt buckles or long or large chains
  • Pepper spray, Mace or stun guns
  • Cameras or recording devices (audio or video)
  • Any clothing considered to be gang or drug related
  • Clothing that shows under-garments or is considered immodest

If you are required to appear in court, you should appear clean and neat as if you were going to a job interview. If you appear in shorts or a tank top you will not be allowed in court. "Capri" style pants for women are acceptable as long as they are no shorter than mid-calf. Mini skirts, mid-shirts, or other immodest clothing will not be allowed in a courtroom. Clothing that may depict Drug or Gang Culture is also barred from the court.