Road Division

Cache County is known for its breathtaking scenery, opportunities in education and industry, and deep sense of community. We, at the Cache County Road Division, feel very fortunate to work in such a beautiful valley and are genuinely invested in providing quality roadways for our citizens and visitors.

With a dedicated crew of 18, our division maintains approximately 200 miles of paved roads and 400 miles of gravel and dirt roads (including 160 miles of mountain and Forest Service roads). Our crew consists of a superintendent, 9 drivers/operators, 2 sign specialists, and 1 office manager. This team works tirelessly all summer to repair and grade road surfaces, and maintain vital drainage ways. We devote 6 to 8 weeks each summer to resurfacing many miles of county roads with asphalt and/or chip seal. We also work with many of the cities within Cache County to maintain and upgrade locally managed roadways.

In the winter, our team spends many hours plowing snow to make sure that all vehicles (including the school buses that transport our children), make it to their destinations safely. Your safety is our number one priority. Many additional hours are spent preparing roads and materials for summertime road work.

Our department installs and maintains traffic signs throughout the county. Over the next few years you may notice all traffic signs have been slowly upgraded to new high-density reflectivity signs. Much care is taken to ensure that all signs are kept in good repair and replaced as needed.

We take pride in maintaining quality roads for all our local citizens and visitors. We hope as you see us working, you will show your support as we support you. We invite you to slow down and wave as you go by.

Please drive carefully and defensively, follow traffic signs and signals, and watch out for pedestrians and cyclists. Together we're creating a community of quality and safety for everyone.

Road Superintendent: Jeremy Hudson (435) 755-1566

Office Specialist: Mallory Morris (435) 755-1560

Office Hours:  8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday

1020 East 600 North

Hyrum, UT 84319

For Emergencies Please Contact Dispatch at (435) 753-7555 or dial 911

This is not part of chip seal but we are having fun.



After reviewing the Children Related Roadside Signage Policy document, please fill out the form below to make your request:

Chipping Road Closures


  • 3200 West off Mendon Rd - College Ward
  • 200 Sout off 1900 West - Unincorporated Cache
  • 1900 West off Mendon Road - Unincorporated Cache
  • 2000 South off Highway 23 - Mendon
  • 1200 South off 5400 West - Mendon
  • 2400 South off Highway 23 - Mendon


  • 5900 West off Highway 23 (Cobblestone) - Mendon
  • 3400 South off Highway 23 (Maple Rise) - Wellsville
  • 5800 West 3400 South (Maple Rise) - Wellsville
  • 4200 South off Highway 23 (Archibald Pit Rd) - Wellsville
  • 4600 West off Highway 23 (Nebeker Rd) - Wellsville
  • 3800 South off Highway 23 (Henry Dairy Road) - Wellsville
  • 4800 West off Highway 23 (Haslem Rd) - Wellsville
  • 2900 South off Highway 23 (Clair Rd) - Wellsville


  • 4000 West 600 North (Parkinson) - Wellsville
  • 6060 South - (Murray Trail) Wellsville
  • 3900 South off Highway 89/91 (Parley Hall) - Wellsville


  1. Center Street (Baker Yonk) - Mendon


Cache County Canyon Roads


Winter Closures - Starting November 15th

Re-open April 15th road condition permitting.


Birch Canyon -  Open

Hyde Park Canyon / Gnehm Road - Open

Smithfield Dry Canyon - Open

South Canyon - Open

Mt Pisgah Road (also known as McMurdie Road or Squirrel Trail) - Open

High Creek Canyon - Open

Short Divide - OPEN

Ant Flat Road - Open - No snow maintenance

Three Mile Creek — Closed — Scheduled to Open June 1st

Lake Town Road - Contact Logan District - 1-435-755-3620

Steel Canyon Road - Contact Logan District - 1-435-755-3620

Providence Canyon Road - Contact Logan District - 1-435-755-3620

Millville Canyon - Contact Logan District - 1-435-755-3620


When traveling any of these Canyon Roads, if you notice any problems that need the attention of the Cache County Road Department please contact us at 1-435-755-1560.  Thank you for helping us to keep our canyon roads safe and enjoyable for all who use them.


Forest Roads

Forest roads & gates on the Logan Ranger District will be closed for road surface protection starting November 15th (Weather permitting).  The MVUM ( Motorized Vehicle Use Map) dates show the earliest date a road will open to motorized travel in the spring and the date a road will be closed in the fall.

Please follow your "Tread Lightly" skills on all forest routes and do not drive/ride on muddy roads or trails.  Wait until they dry!

Routes scheduled to open on or after April 15th:

  • High Creek Canyon (FR 048) - about I mile (to the campground)
  • Smithfield Canyon (FR 049)
  • Green Canyon (FR 050) - About 1 Mile
  • Card (FR 024)
  • Left Hand Fork of Blacksmiths Fork (FR 245)

Routes scheduled to open on or after June 1st:

  • High Creek Canyon (FR o48) -- above 2nd gate (Campgroung)
  • Green Canyou (FR 050) - above 2nd gate
  • Cowley Canyon / Herd Hollow (FR 047)
  • Temple Fork (FR 007) - almost to Mud Flat (irst 4 miles)
  • West Hodges / Forestry Camp (FR 174)
  • Pole Hollow / Mahogany (FR 150/254)

Routes scheduled to open on or after June 15th:

  • Marie Springs Road (FR 147)
  • Temple Fork / Pole Line (FR 007) - above 2nd gate
  • Twin Creeks (FR 005)
  • Dip Hollow (FR 056)

Internet Maps and Road Information

Our Motor Vehicle Use Map for summer information is available on line under Maps & Publications at

The Winter Travel Map is also located at  Click on Maps & Publications, find Miscellaneious Maps link, then under Ogden and Logan ranger Districts click on:  Winter Recreation Travel Map for both areas, Tony Grove - Franklin Basin Winter Recreation Map.

Construction Closures


Seasonal Access Restrictions for County Roads

Cache County Council has determined that it is both necessary and appropriate for the County to place seasonal restrictions and close some county roads to motorized vehicles. These closures are to protect public safety, reduce maintenance costs, maintain water quality, and prevent erosion during snowy and icy conditions late fall through spring.

The following County roads will be closed with locked gates. The dates show the earliest date a road will open to motorized vehicles in the spring and date the road will close in the fall. The spring opening date may be extended based on road conditions and snow. Click here for road locations.

Roads Scheduled to open April 15th and close November 15.

3200 West (Old Canyon Road & 8500 South) - Open

  • This road provides access from Old Canyon road to Mount Pisgah Road. The gate closure will be at the north end at Old Canyon Road. No gate is required on the south end due to Mount Pisgah also being closed at the same time.

Birch Canyon Lower - Open

  • This road provides access up Birch Canyon. The gate closure will be at the bottom gate. Additional gates located up higher in the canyon will also be closed by the Forest Service and Private owners.

Gnehm Road (3400 North) - Open

  • This road is a gravel road that starts in North Logan at 1600 East and 3400 North and loops up near the base of the mountains and then turns into Hyde Park Canyon. The closure is a small portion of the road located in the middle of the loop. There is a gate located at both ends of the closure.

High Creek Canyon Road - Open

  • This road provides access up High Creek Canyon. The gate closure will be at the bottom of High Creek Canyon at approximately 12900 East where the gravel road begins. Additional gates located up higher in the Canyon will also be closed by the Forest Service.

Ivan's Hollow Road - Open

  • This road is a short section of gravel road located northeast of Richmond. The road will be gated at the bottom near High Creek Road and at the top near Upper High Creek Road.

Mount Pisgah Road - Open

  • This road runs from US 89/91 near Sardine Summit east to Paradise. The road will be gated from the east side if the intersection of 2400 West and the west side near US 89/91.

Short Divide Road - Open

  • This road runs from Clarkston to the Box Elder County line. This road is closed both in Cache County and Box Elder County. The gate closure is Cache County is located at approximately 9200 West and 9950 North at the Clarkston City Limits. The gate located in Box Elder County is closed by Box Elder County.

Smithfield Dry Canyon Road - Open

  • This road is used to access Smithfield Dry Canyon. The gate is located at the bottom of the Canyon near the Smithfield City limits where the gravel road begins.

South Canyon Road - Open

This road runs from Avon to the Weber County line. The gate on the Cache County side is located approximately 2 miles south of Avon. This closure also affects other mountain roads such as Three Mile Canyon, Davenport Road, Flint Grove, and Blue Bell Mine. There is a gate located in Weber County that is closed by Weber County.

Roads Scheduled to open June 1st and close October 1.

Three Mile Creek - Open

  • This road is located west of Mendon at the end of 600 North and warrants earlier closure due to severe erosion of poor soils and excessive maintenance of roadway.

Statewide Road Conditions

Utah based phone lines : 511

Outside Utah: toll-free (866) 511-UTAH (8824)

UDOT Traffic Website:

National Weather Services

Statewide year-round road conditions


Road conditions can be found several ways:

Phone : 24-hour automated road condition information can be accessed using any Utah-based phone by simply dialing 511. Outside Utah, you can access the same information by dialing toll-free 866-511-UTAH (8824).
Online: The traffic website is maintained 24-hours a day, 7 days a week by operators in the UDOT Traffic Operations Center (TOC). They continually monitor statewide traffic and weather conditions and post the information on and the UDOT Traffic smartphone application.

Text Version: Winter Road Conditions

Map Version: Winter Road Conditions

WQKB 1610 AM

Cache County currently is broadcasting NOAA weather radio information on this station 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, but in the future other educational emergency preparedness information can be broadcast, as well as in times of disaster, emergency broadcasts will be made from this channel for around the clock citizen information.

Traffic Signs Through Sardine Canyon

Traffic Sign from Wellsville Westbound (toward Brigham City) on US 89
Traffic Sign from Brigham City Eastbound (toward Logan) on US 89

Sardine Canyon Cameras

US8991 @ 950 S Milepost 17.18 WVL

US8991 @ Milepost 15.17 WVL

US8991 @ Milepost 14.31 WVL

US8991 @ Milepost 13.93 WVL

US8991 @ Milepost 12.26 C

US8991 @ Sardine Summit Milepost 10.05 BE

US8991 @ 100 S Milepost 5.61 MTU

1100 S US8991 @ Brigham City, Main St US89 SR13 BRC