Recorder's Office

The County Recorder's Office records and maintains land record documents pertaining to the title of real property in Cahce County. All recorded documents are open for public inspection and are indexed by the recorder to facilitate their identification and retrieval by the public. Recorded documents affecting title to real property are processed for tax assessment purposes. Ownership plats containing every parcel of land, current record owner, dimensions of the parcel, tax identification number, and acreage are maintained by the recorder for taxation purposes.  

The mission of the Cache County Recorder’s Office is to help safeguard land title rights and support fair tax assessment through consistent, exceptional, customer service performed completely, correctly, and efficiently according to statutory requirements, normal industry practices, and office policy.

How can the Recorder's Office serve you:

  • We can record your documents, which meet all of the current statutory recording requirements, for a recording fee.
  • We can notify you when a document is recorded aginst your parcel through Cache County Property Watch.
  • We can assist you in identifying parcels on ownership plats or the county online interactive web maps.
  • We can facilitate your ability to locate recorded documents in our vault or through our online CORE system.
  • We can provide you certified copies or regular copies of documents in our custody, for a copy fee.

Services the Recorder’s Office cannot provide you:

  • We connot change your parcel information without a recorded document.
  • We cannot prepare your documents for recording or provide you form documents for recording.
  • We cannot notarize your documents for you.
  • We cannot ensure that the contents of your documents are complete, adequate, or accurate.
  • We cannot advise you on land title or land boundary issues.
  • We cannot perform title searches for you.
  • We cannot locate old documents for you which are not digitally indexed. 
  • We cannot create, interpret, or draft legal descriptions for you.