Request for Proposal

Link to RFP document 

RFP 1 - General Plan
RFP 2 - Urban and Rural Assessment; Cost of Service Plan
RFP 3 - Regional Collaboration Plan
Responses are due October 28, 2019, by 12:00 pm (noon)

The primary contact for these RFP's is the Cache County Planning Manager

Chris Harrild

179 North Main, Suite 305

Logan, UT 84321



General Questions and Answers 


Section 6.3 and 6.4: could you clarify the date for final questions and prosposals? 


6.3 states questions should be submitted no later than Friday, October 23rd. Do you


mean Wednesday, October 23rd, or Friday, October 25th?


The deadline for submitting questions is Friday, October 25th.


Also, 6.4 states the proposals are due Friday, October 28th, 2019. Do you mean 
  Friday, October 25th, or Monday, October 28th?


The deadline for submitting proposals is Monday, October 28th.


Appendices: any clarification on page limits? We want to make sure we are


including the correct items in the right places.


 There is not a limit to the number of pages allowed in the appendices.  Please note
  that appendices should only contain supporting information.  The actual RFP
  response must be able to stand on its own without the information in the appendices.
Q4: Do you envision the Urban and Rural Area Assessment/Cost Service Plan and 
  Regional Collaboration Plan to be chapters or subsections of the General Plan 
  Update, or do you anticipate three separate document deliverables?
A4: The initial intent is for three separate document deliverables.  However, the county
  is open to and interested in any format that provides a workable and successful solution. 


Under Section 5.5 of the RFP, is the 10-page limit single-sided (10 sides of paper) or 


double-sided (20 sides of paper)? Which sections count against the 10 page limit 


(e.g., cover page, cover letter, table of contents)? What should be included in the 



A5: The 10-page limit is 10 sides of paper. All sections count against the 10-page limit. See
   A3 above regarding appendices.
Q6: Are you seeking three 10-page proposals (one for each of the three RFPs), or 
  one consolidated 10-page proposal?
A6: The county is seeking one consolidated 10-page proposal.
Q7: Page 17, Section 6.4 indicates a deadline of Friday October 28th; the 28th lands on a 
  Monday.  Can you please confirm the due date as well as the compliance deadline 
  mentioned in section 6.3?
A7: The deadline for submitting questions is Friday, October 25th. The deadline for submitting
  proposals is Monday, October 28th.
Q8: Is there a specific format or template for the required cover sheet?
A8: There is not a specific format or template for the required cover sheet.  Please refer to 
  section 5.5 of the RFP for a list of what should be included on the cover sheet.
Q9: Can any of the funds be shifted between the projects, or is the allocation of $100,000 
  per project strict due to the grant requirements?
A9: There may be a possiblity of funding flexibility between projects that are not tied to grant 
  requirements. It is preferred that proposals provide an accurate bid/cost, and the county
  will then consider if adjustments are necessary.