Boards and Committees

Area Aging Authority

  • Dirk Anderson

Bear River Association of Governments (BRAG) Governing Board

  • Sandi Goodlander
  • David Zook
  • Karl Ward

Bear River Association of Governments (BRAG) Human Services Board

  • Barbara Tidwell (Member)

Bear River Health Department Board

  • David Zook

Bear River Mental Health Board

  • David Zook

Cache County Audit Committee

  • Dirk Anderson (Advisory Member)
  • Sandi Goodlander (Voting Member)
  • David Erickson
  • David Zook (Voting Member)
  • Karl Ward (Chair)

Cache County Boundary Commission

  • David Erickson (Elected County Representative)
  • Mayor Jason Thompson (Elected Municipal Representative)
  • Steven Sproul (Citizen Representative)
  • Brady Christensen (Citizen Representative)
  • David Low (Citizen Representative)

Cache County Budget Committee

  • Dirk Anderson (Chief Deputy Executive)
  • Mark Hurd (County Council)
  • Chad Jensen (County Sheriff)
  • Amy Adams (Director of Human Resources)
  • Bartt Nelson (Director of Information Technology)
  • David Zook (County Executive)
  • Barbara Tidwell (County Council)
  • Nolan Gunnell (County Council)

Cache County Community Foundation Board

  • David Zook (County Executive)
  • Dirk Anderson (Chief Deputy Executive)
  • Karl Ward (County Council)

Cache County Council of Governments (CCCOG)

  • David Zook

Cache County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC)

  • David Erickson (Chair)
  • Barbara Tidwell
  • Sandi Goodlander

Cache County Employee Compensation Committee

  • Kathryn Beus
  • Barbara Tidwell
  • David Zook

Cache County Fairgrounds Advisory Board

  • Casadee Hudson (Event Center Assistant Marketing Director / Advisory Member)
  • Mark Hurd (County Council / Voting Member)
  • Sandi Goodlander (County Council / Voting Member)
  • Justin Clawson (USU Extension Agent / Voting Member)
  • Lane Parker (County Fair Manager / Voting Member)
  • LaMont Poulsen (County Rodeo Manager / Voting Member)
  • Bart Esplin (Fairgrounds Manager / Advisory Member)
  • Ron Bjorkman (Event Center Marketing Director / Advisory Member)
  • Julie Hollist Terrill (Visitors Bureau Director / Advisory Member)
  • Bartt Nelson (Information Technology Director / Advisory Member)
  • David Zook (Chair / County Executive / Voting Member)
  • David Erickson (County Council / Voting Member)

Cache County Fire District Board

  • David Zook (County Executive / Voting Member)
  • David Erickson (County Council / Voting Member)
  • Kathryn Beus (County Council / Voting Member)
  • Rod Hammer (Cache County Fire Chief / Advisory Member)
  • Dirk Anderson (Chief Deputy Executive / Advisory Member)
  • Greg Jorgenson (Fire Chiefs Association / Advisory Member)

Cache County Library Board of Directors

  • Mark Hurd (County Council Liaison / Voting Member)
  • Chelsi Kartchner (Citizen Representative / Voting Member)
  • Sharlie Gallup (River Heights City Council / Voting Member)
  • Jeanell Sealy (Providence City Council / Voting Member)
  • Natalie Darley (Citizen Representative / Voting Member)
  • Brandon Major (Citizen Representative / Voting Member)
  • Karina Brown (Executive Office Liaison / Advisory Member)

Cache County Municipal Building Authority

  • Nolan Gunnell (Registered Agent)
  • Nolan Gunnell (President)

Cache County Planning Commission

  • Kurt Bankhead (South District / Voting Member)
  • Nolan Gunnell (Council Liaison / Non-Voting Member)
  • Val Jay Rigby (North District / Voting Member)
  • Jason Watterson (North District / Voting Member)
  • Chris Sands (Logan #1 District / Voting Member)
  • Lane Parker (Southeast District / Voting Member)
  • Nathan Daugs (Southeast District / Voting Member)
  • Brady Christensen (North District / Voting Member)

Cache County Roads Advisory Board

  • David Zook
  • Dirk Anderson
  • Kathryn Beus

Cache County Weed Control Board

  • David Zook (County Executive)
  • David Erickson (County Council)
  • Mike Spackman (Zone 1)
  • Brett Christensen (Zone 2)
  • Jack Brown (Zone 5)
  • Darrin Evans (Zone 3)
  • Clark Israelsen (Zone 4)

Cache Metropolitan Planning Organization (CMPO)

  • David Zook

Cache Open Space Advisory Committee

  • Clair Ellis (Voting Member)
  • Brent Thomas (Voting Member)
  • Dave Rayfield (Voting Member)
  • Kendra Penry (Voting Member)
  • Christopher Sands (Voting Member)
  • Jodie R. Harris (Voting Member)
  • Eric Eliason (Voting Member)
  • Kathryn Beus (Ex-Officio Non-Voting Member / County Council)
  • Regan Wheeler (Ex-Officio Non-Voting Member / Agriculture Expert)

Cache Valley Chamber of Commerce

  • David Zook

Cache Valley Economic Development Alliance

  • David Zook

Cache Valley Visitors Bureau Advisory Board

  • Mark Hurd

Cache Waste Consortium

  • David Zook
  • Nolan Gunnell
  • David Erickson

County Economic Opportunity Board

  • David Zook
  • Sandi Goodlander
  • Mark Hurd

Homeless Task Force

  • Karl Ward

Law Enforcement Advisory Board

  • Karl Ward

Logan-Cache Airport Authority Board

  • David Zook (Cache County Executive)
  • Karl Ward (Cache County Council)
  • John Kerr (Chair / Appointed by Airport Authority Board)
  • Brett Hugie (Vice Chair / Appointed by Logan City)
  • Holly Daines (Logan City Mayor)
  • Jeannie Simmonds (Logan City Council)
  • Ryan Snow (Appointed by Cache County)

Ordinance and Policy Review Committee

  • David Zook
  • Dirk Anderson
  • Barbara Tidwell
  • Mark Hurd
  • David Erickson

Public Relations Committee

  • Mark Hurd
  • Sandi Goodlander
  • Karl Ward
  • David Zook
  • Barbara Tidwell

RAPZ/Restaurant Tax Committee

  • Reed Baldwin (South District)
  • David Zook (Chair / County Executive)
  • Barbara Tidwell (Logan #2 District)
  • David Erickson (North District)
  • Damon Cann (Northeast District)
  • Andi Jorgensen (Logan #1 District)
  • Bruce M. Cook (Logan #3 District)
  • Cody Sorensen (Southeast District)

The Family Place Board of Directors

  • David Zook

Trails Committee

  • Kathryn Beus

Utah Association of Counties (UAC) Governing Board

  • Barbara Tidwell