Civil Division

A picture of the county attorney doorRarely are two projects alike in the Civil Division and attorneys are constantly addressing new and challenging legal questions. They help with contract negotiations, resolve disputes throughout the County impacting government, and research and advise on various legal matters.

Of the many departments for which they do legal work, the following are the most active:

  • Development (land use and enforcement)
  • Water (water law, legislation, water use planning and the canal restoration)
  • Board of Health (public health law),
  • County Clerk (election laws)
  • County Auditor (liens, contracts, tax sales)
  • Assessor (Board of Adjustments and tax appeals)
  • Information Technology (contracts and GRAMA requests)
  • Surveyor and Roads (public and private road issues)
  • Airport Authority (lease and FAA matters)
  • Fire (contracts and fire code)
  • Human Resources (employment law)
  • Sheriff’s Office (jail policy and procedure and litigation involving inmates)


Civil attorneys also handle involuntary civil commitments on behalf of the Mental Health Authority and federal questions of law such as the Americans Disabilities and Equal Opportunity Commission legal matters. The Civil Division represents the Planning Commission and the County Council and Executive in addition to other legal matters within the purview of those government bodies.